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“Deciding where to live is one of the most important decisions you can make.”


JinFei HOME INN Apartment

JinFei HOME INN apartment starts with a growing city, of promise and prosperity, in your hands.

Jinfei sells solutions and not promises; we don’t find you a house, we find you a home!

JinFei brings the best of your authentic self in our apartments;

We make the customer the hero of our story, with quality products, in your hands.

JinFei makes your vision our future;

Life is Better Here, You will Fit Right In.

    Located in the North of Mauritius JinFei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone, adjacent to our Business Centre, is our HOME INN Apartment Complex project.

    It is situated at Riche Terre, the Northwest part of Mauritius, 3.5 kilometers from Port Louis and 2 kilometers from the port, in connection with the highway, that provides easy accesses and marks a superior location. It is close to JUMBO RICHE TERRE Shopping Mall.

HOME INN Apartment Complex Location Map

    HOME INN Apartment Complex is designed environmentally elegant and with easy access. The complex is equipped with parking lot, sufficient entertaining facilities in a tranquil surrounding. It is an ideal place for accommodation, leisure and gathering activities.

    HOME INN Apartment Complex is of two separate buildings each of four-stories, totally 40 units, in a 6888㎡ area. The total building area is 4,476㎡. 

HOME INN Apartment Complex Designed Effect Drawing

    The stylish apartment designs follow a world class standard through the master bedroom with a touch of class (marble flooring), the designer look bathrooms with concealed plumbing, elegantly decorated exquisite lobby, state of the art Tennis Court in the middle of the two complex, 24 Hours security and Wi-Fi connection could all be nothing short of a dream come true.

    HOME INN Apartment Complex offers the most modern, distinctive and convenient lifestyle that you have been looking for.

    At HOME INN Apartment Complex you will benefit from a lot of services and quality environment.

    When you have a look at our Apartments, you will find it is an apartment community that says “HOME”, as HOME INN Apartment Complex was designed to meet today’s lifestyle.


    • The building area is divided into two complexes separated by a modern tennis court; Complex 1 has 16 units with a construction area of 1752.18 ㎡ and the second complex has 24 units with a construction area of 2623.18 ㎡.

    • The tennis court is of 645 ㎡ and made of plastic cement. The tennis court is open only to the residents of the apartment and is equipped of the best quality materials.

    • The courtyard is fully equipped with a set of engineering facilities in which construction area of the security room is 14.56 ㎡, and a water pump room covers a construction area of 28 ㎡. The colour of exterior building is yellow and white. The total area is protected by a wall of 2 metres height made of metallic frame and concrete.

    • The total landscaping covers an area of 2773 ㎡, which include; a variety of fruit tree, wide variety of flowers, grass, royal tree and many other species of trees.

HOME INN Apartment Complex Design Overview

    All the 40 apartments are identical. Each unit is 108㎡, with 3 bed rooms, 3 independent toilet, 1 balcony, 1 access corridor, 1 kitchen and 1 living room/dining room, furnished with table, chairs, sofa, desk, cabinets, TV set, telephone set, fridge, solar water heater and others. The apartment complex is with water supply, electricity, telecommunication, internet, tennis court and other amenities. 

HOME INN Apartment Complex Interior View



    • The HOME-IN Apartment Complex is made of four- storey building made of brick and concrete structure with a height of 3 meters for each apartment and a total height of 12 metres for the building.

    • All the 40 units are identical. Each unit has; an access corridor with an area of 9.2 ㎡ (except for the ground floor of both complexes), kitchen area of 5.32 ㎡, a living room with an area of 19.72 ㎡ and balcony with an area of 5.4 ㎡. 

    • Each unit consist of 3 bedrooms, and the areas of 3 bedrooms are; 15.23 ㎡, 12.78 square metres and 12.78 ㎡.

    • Each bedroom has its individual bathroom, with an area of 3.3 ㎡, 2.98 ㎡and 3.25 ㎡. The net area of each unit is 83.79 ㎡.

    • The doors and windows of each apartment are made from the most advance form of aluminium frame and vacuum glass, achieving a heat-insulated effect. The stylish apartment designs follow a world class standard through the master bedroom with a touch of class (marble flooring).


    Each Apartment unit is 108㎡with the following facilities:



    • Armchairs and tables/sofa set;

    • A lounge; and

    • Ceiling light.


    • Table and chairs;

    • Uniform pattern of glass, cutlery and china wear;

    • Table knives;

    • Table forks; and

    • Dinner plates.


    • Microwave;

    • Refrigerator/freezer;

    • Sink;

    • Cooking wok;

    • Cooking utensils;

    • Chopping board;

    • Knives; and

    • Ceiling light.


    • Washing machine; and

    • Ceiling light.


    • One small round table;

    • Two chairs; and

    • Ceiling light.


    • King size bed;

    • Two anti-allergic standard pillows;

    • A mattress of semi-orthopaedic standard;

    • Fitted mattress protector / bed sheet / bed cover;

    • Duvet;

    • Two bedside tables;

    • Thick window curtains with voile curtains;

    • Ceiling light;

    • Two wardrobes with hangers and shelves;

    • An air-conditioning unit; and

    • One double power point.


    • Two single beds;

    • Two anti-allergic standard pillows;

    • Two mattress of semi-orthopaedic standard;

    • Two Fitted mattress protector / bed sheet / bed cover;

    • Two Duvets;

    • One bedside table;

    • Thick window curtains with voile curtains;

    • Ceiling light;

    • Two wardrobes with hangers and shelves;

    • An air-conditioning unit; and

    • One double power point.


    • Solar heater providing hot water supply;

    • A wash basin;

    • A shower as well as shower curtain;

    • A ventilation system;

    • Non-skid tiles flooring;

    • Ceiling and wall lights; and

    • Tiles on the walls.


    • Sound proof apartment with double glazing windows;

    • Water supply ( Individual Water Meter for Each Unit);

    • Solar Water Heater;

    • Electricity ( Individual Electricity Meter for Each Unit);

    • Telecommunication (Satellite Cable);

    • Unique landscaping;

    • Playground for children ( With 2 Patio Umbrellas);

    • Tennis court;

    • 43 parking lots;

    • 24 Hours Security, CCTV Security & Security Guards; and

    • 6/7 Cleaning Services for common area.

    Our HOME INN Apartment Complex is designed elegant, economic, beautiful and sufficient, ideal for family accommodation, long and short-term rent. It will be run as self-service apartment. We welcome the tenants from across the world and expect the professional team to cooperate with us to cater for travellers coming to Mauritius.