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JinFei Cooperation Zone’s Major breakthrough of investment promotion! Les Moulins De La Cite Ltee successfully entered the Zone and signed the Sub Lease Agreement of 10.7 Hectares of Land!

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inFei Cooperation Zone’s Major breakthrough of investment promotion! Les Moulins De La Cite Ltee successfully entered the Zone and signed the Sub Lease Agreement of 10.7 Hectares of Land!

Mauritius JinFei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone is having a good year with good thing one after another. On 25th May 2017, The Ministry of Commerce of PRC, Mr. Qian Keming, together with his delegates visited the Cooperaton Zone. Then, on 26th May 2017, the investment obtained a major breakthrough. Mr. Xing Lianjun, the Chairman of Shanxi JinFei Investment Co., Ltd, on behalf of Silkroad International Investment Co., Ltd signed a Sub Lease Agreement with Les Moulins De La Cite Ltee for an extend of 10.7 hectares of land. The signing of this agreement indicates that Jinfei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone has entered the development fast lane.

The area of JinFei Cooperation Zone is 73.85 hectars, the first phase of 31.65 hectares of land will be development by Mauritius JinFei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone Co., Ltd, and the second phase of 42.2 hectare of land will be developed by SIlkroad International Investment Co., Ltd, a subsidiary company wholly owned by Shanxi JinFei Investment Co., Ltd. At present, the first and second phase of the land of 21.6 hectares has been leased out, plus self-built and self-used land of 9.1 hectares, which made a total area of 30.7 hectares. Now, there are 11 in-zone enterprises in Mauritius JinFei Zone, including 2 Chinese Enterprises, and the rest are Foreign Enterprises. Foreign enterprises accounted for the vast majority, which fully reflects the internationalization of the in-zone enterprises.

Mauritius JinFei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone is established in 2006, and has experienced 11 years of development. The Cooperation Zone has changed two main body, it today embodies the exploiting the boundary of Tianli people, the forge ahead of Tisco people, and the overcoming all obstacles and the courage to go straight ahead of people from Shanxi Investments Group. Since the end of 2014, the Shanxi Investments Group took over the Cooperation Zone, the Cooperation Zone has undergone enormous changes in two and half years. It has achieved a year of making profit instead of suffering loss, and two years negative become positive, and also the investment promotion has accelerated greatly. This year we have determined four major projects inside and outside the Cooperation Zone, namely the IHS project, PDS real estate project in the south region of Mauritius, China-Africa Financial Service Centre, Medical School, and Logistics warehousing projects.  These four projects are in line with the development strategy of the “China-Africa Top Ten Cooperation Program” and the “One Belt One Road” which are proposed by the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee. The implementation of the project will strive to make JinFei Cooperation Zone to become an “Aircraft carrier” for investing in Africa!

It is said that, the promoter of “Les Moulins de La Cité Ltée” is the main importer of flour in Madagascar since many years. The promoter has already a full range of 12,000 square meters of warehouses spread over Madagascar. He has developed a wholesale distribution network of flour and cooking oil in that country. With the continuous increase in business volume and as a major importer of flour, he started paying attention to the unlimited business opportunities in Africa continent market. Then, he explored the idea of manufacturing flour in Mauritius. He has travelled far and wide to pursue that idea further. He has consulted local and overseas economists, business consultants, accountants, financiers, bankers, millers, flour mills managers, manufacturers of plant and equipment of flour mills, suppliers of wheat, shipping lines, and suppliers of turnkey projects for the flour milling industry and a host of other knowledgeable persons of the industry. These consultations have convinced him that the project is economically viable, and would be beneficial for the country and generate a comfortable return on investment. He has also met with the Board of Investment, local Freight Forwarding companies, storage companies, shipping lines regarding the possibility of operating warehouses in Mauritius and he has been convinced with the great potential in warehousing that exist in Mauritius. By swapping importation of wheat flour with actual production of the commodity by this company, the promoter undoubtedly has a competitive edge over his competitors as his product will benefit from exemption of import taxes and customs duties under different regional trade agreements such as COMESA, COI and SADC. By virtue of this incentive, he may actually become a prime supplier to his current competitors in Madagascar whom he may convert as business partners, given that he can offer the product at a better price. The plant and equipment as well as the technology are of the latest generation and are supplied by a world class supplier from Turkey. The supplier is a subsidiary of one of the most dynamic groups of companies of Turkey which operates in 20 sectors. The prefabricated warehouses will of be of high European standards and imported from Dubai.

The total funds required for the implementation and development of the “Les Moulins De La Cite Ltee” project on an extent of land of 10.7 hectares is estimated at USD 16 million. The project is planned to be developed into three phases and is planned to be completed in the year of 2020. After the completion of project, there will have four functions such as dry warehouses, cold storage, pallets, and flour production.