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Mauritius JinFei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone Co., Ltd (JFET)

Mauritius JinFei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone Co., Ltd (JFET) is a locally incorporated company in Mauritius, controlled by a very powerful Chinese state-owned company, Shanxi Investments Group Co Ltd, which is the only shareholder of the company. JFET Zone is ideally located adjacent to Port-Louis (3km away), the capital of Mauritius and just 2.5km from the sea port in connection with the only North-to-South highway that provides easy accesses and marks a superior location. 

JFET operates a special economic zone (over a land to the extent of 211 hectares, of which 73.85 hectares are to be developed exclusively by Shanxi Investments Group Co Ltd, the rest by a joint venture between Government of Mauritius and JFET) which is proposed and supported by both Mauritius and China governments. The zone land is leased from Mauritius government for a term of 93 years.

JFET Zone has available infrastructure and is provides an attractive offer for land lease, factory, and construction and office facilities. JFET Zone utilizes Mauritius’ friendly environment, favourable trade policies and world class infrastructure to provide a platform and gateway to do business with Africa and the world. 

In the coming future, JFET will seize the opportunity of the extension activities in Port Louis, combined with the latest proposal of the government’s smart city concept, including the planning and construction of the northern city of Port Louis into an integrated area, and take full advantage of Mauritius. The new government of Mauritius since December 2014 has devoted itself to achieving “second economic miracle and 2030 vision” by creating smart city scheme while enacting a series of measures and policies in an aim to promote financial services, ICT and Hi-tech sectors, cultural tourism, marine industry, port-related services that will boost and revitalize Mauritian industries.

JFET Zone is an up-mark service zone, to be planned and constructed in line with the standard and requirements of Mauritius Smart City Scheme. It will not go by the traditional concept of the zone featuring manufacturing, processing and transshipment segments. It is an updated version with latest design based on in-zone infrastructure availability, divided of the zone into three major components as of port-related activities, financial and business services, cultural and entertainment facilities, a clear-cut planning for zone’s development both on functionality and space arrangement.