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Financial Institution

This segment shall include a number of institutions from the Financial Sector, where the aim is to provide a one-stop-shop that would include investment houses, banks and offshore companies amongst others.

Enterprise Headquarters Zone

At the time where we need to accelerate the strategy implementation of the Mauritius Smart City to achieve the Second Economic Miracle, JFET holds a unique strategy and transportation advantages, which focus on creating a Central Resource Platform of the Enterprise Smart Service. The set up of an Enterprise Smart Service Centre in the Business Centre of the Cooperation Zone will create a platform for Smart Resource Distribution and Integration, gather the government authorities and corporate service enterprises so as to provide licence application, project approval, information disseminations, policy advocacy, financing guarantees, management consultancies, innovation, talent training, legal rights for protection, all integrated as a one-stop-shop.

Garden Court Properties Ltd

The Garden Court Properties Ltd will combined Smart City design standards and requirements with the “Green Building” concept to create a Smart and Energy efficient Grade A Financial Corporate Office Building.

International Convention & Exhibition Centre

In order to place Mauritius as the exchange hub between Africa and the world, a strong Financial Service Platform and Convention and Exhibition place is an essential hardware. The promotion of the project will take advantage of the investment and financial policies of Mauritius, combined with the high demand of the Chinese massive production capacity and capital fund to travel. The Exhibition Centre will provide a platform for the promotion and exhibition of such resources.