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JFET relies closely on the natural environment and human resources in Mauritius. The wedding planning and wedding trip market were vigorously explored, and the demand for a Wedding Theme Square ascertained. The Garden of Eden shall include a luxury conference centre, a multipurpose banquet hall, a cinema, catering facilities, and a commercial segment to create a world-class cultural tourism resort. 

The Garden of Eden Wedding Theme Square is located in northern tip of JinFei Zone, with total land area of 24,800 ㎡, where it is bordered by Baie Du Tombeau Road (width 6m) to the north.This project will be a multifunctional public communication space including an integrated set of culture, leisure, wedding, commercial, exhibition, and entertainment.

The building will be a church shape of 39.62 meters height; the architectural style will be modern and simple with white building facades for a romantic and pure look. This will create a perfect blend with the blue sky and sea of Mauritius, to form the most unique public landscape area surrounding Port Louis.

The building consists of 3 floors with building area of 13,277.2㎡, which include a Multipurpose hall 1,464.2m2, Administrative office area 1,963.6㎡, Entertainment complex 4,235.1㎡, 3 Cinemas 554.2㎡, 16 KTV 844.1㎡, Bowling 512㎡with 8 lanes, Electrical games 955.8㎡, Billiard Room 288.9㎡, Commercial complex 3594.7㎡with 33 shops, Wedding hall 768㎡, surrounding veranda 1,251.6㎡, and other area 1,080.1㎡ such as Entrance and Lobby, Equipment Room, Staircase, etc).

First Floor (height 4.2m): Multipurpose Hall, Administrative Office, Commercial Complex, Cinema, and KTV.

Second Floor (height 4m): Administrative office, commercial complex, billiard, electrical games.

Third Floor: Wedding hall.

Blockage ratio: 0.54.

Building footprint: 8,315.6㎡

Density: 33.53%

Landscaping: 30%

Parking position (per vehicle): 29