Mauritius JFET Zone
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The Smart Mauritius is an ambitious economic development program to consolidate Mauritius into a full-fledged international business and financial hub with ideal conditions for working, living, playing and spurring investment through the development of Smart Cities across the island.

The construction concept of the Mauritius JinFei Zone has entered into the fourth generation, which abandons the previous relatively simple structural model of an industrial park, through the introduction of a variety of industrial patterns such as production, research, logistics, finance, office, commerce, entertainment, culture, education, life, etc, achieving the sharing of complement resources and functions within the region.

The total area of the cooperation zone is 211.03 hectares, of which 73.8 hectares is owned and operated by Mauritius JinFei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone Co., Ltd, and the remaining land to be developed is a Joint Venture between the Government of Mauritius and Mauritius JinFei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone Co., Ltd. Phases 1 and 2 shall be undertaken from 2016 to 2021, and comprise a number of different projects. The Smart City overview is provided below, along with a breakdown of the different projects under each phase.

In order to establish a flexible and feasible growth pattern and to ensure a sustainable development of the region, JFET sets a series of development catalysts in two phases to encourage a healthy urban development.